When I Think Of You
By June Norwood

When I think of you
I realize all is well
To know that you are out there
Makes me feel so swell

When I look into your eyes
Dark as deepest soil
From these plots my love doth blossom
Growing without toil

"Eternity in an hour"
A poet did once say
To hear you talk and laugh with joy
Makes me feel this way

As gentle as the moon,
As healing as the sun,
When I feel your arms around me
I know the worst is finally done

When I think of you
I feel your ever-gentle kiss
Soothing and boundless
Sheer and utter bliss

Standing on the ocean's shore
I see her waves ebb and flow
Deep and forever, like my love for you
I feel this you ought to know

When I want to know things will be alright
I find you in all life's joys
It's easy to do this, I hope you're aware
To see you smiling there in moments I enjoy

As enchanting as the sea
As freeing as the air
This poem to you, I hope makes you feel this way
And so I must declare

I think of you