Web Font Kit & Implementation Guide

Thank you for buying webfonts on fonts.com.

You find below an overview of the fonts contained in this kit. To use these webfonts on your website please follow the implementation guidelines below.

Web Fonts contained in this kit

+Pixelar W01 Regular Graviton
  • Open the End User License Agreements for this font: Open EULA PDF

CSS Implementation Guidelines

You need one file for each font style you want to use in your site. Use the CSS code example below to reference your webfonts. Make sure that the font file URL is appropriate with the path on your server

The value of the font-family property is used internally in your style definitions, so you could set it to any name you like. Make sure to keep it shorter than 32 characters though, or Internet Explorer will not display your webfonts

Font file names have been obfuscated to protect the font software. You can identify font format based on file ending:

Copy and paste the following code into the head section of the page

Legal Information

You and any third party web font hosting service are responsible for ensuring that the font software in the self-hosting kit, in its orginal format, can only be used on the websites for which the self hosting kit was downloaded and cannot be used or referenced by any other web sites

This includes, but is not limited to installing adequate technical protection measures that restrict the user and/or access to the font software, for instance by utilizing JavaScript or access control mechanism for cross-origin resource sharing and protection against use on websites other than the websites for which the self-hosting kit was downloaded by restricting domain access only to such websites.

In the event this agreement terminates for any reason, the font software included with the self-hosting kit must be deleted from the server and all copies must be destroyed or returned to Monotype.

Licensing information should be included within the CSS:

        This CSS resource incorporates links to font software which is the valuable copyrighted property of Monotype and/or its suppliers. You may not attempt to copy, install, redistribute, convert, modify or reverse engineer this font software. Please contact Monotype with any questions regarding Web Fonts:  http://www.fonts.com